MC drawn / Studio of Miranda Costa

Tips for handling your prints

With care for longevity prints from this collection are produced with high grade materials. This includes both archival pigments and fine papers of museum and gallery standards.

To care for your print it's recommended that:

  • prints are framed under glass to protect the surface
  • prints are hung avoiding direct strong sunlight
  • the print is handled as little as possible, and when doing so ensure hands are washed or gloved.
  • avoid touching pigmented areas of the print as this may create marks
  • if unframed be careful to store prints so they wont bend. Pay close attention to paper corners.
  • if receiving a print from a mailing tube it may appear curled. To flatten please lie the print on a clean flat surface, and distribute weights (such as books) evenly on top for a few hours. Recommend keeping the print in it's protective cellophane wrap during this process. Do not try to roll the paper in the opposite direction to flatten. This may disrupt the pigments and cause creasing.